Uniforms for Schools

We expertise in manufacturing uniforms for schools since a decade. We understand the need of school and also the student while customizing the uniform by providing the best quality of fabric along with the best visibility of the logo of school which stands as a prestige.


Accessories for the school are selected from a wide range of manufactures and also from brands to provide the best in quality and the largest variety to fulfill the needs.


We have the largest collection of footware to choose from which includes Branded and Customized. Our footware are made from the best in quality materials for making long lasting impact while usage.


All the Bagpacks made for schools are customized with the best fabric for its long life and also be branded for beautiful look.

IT - Products (Gadgets)

We specialize in choosing the right IT product as per the need for the client and we choose the same from the wide range of brands for having its best quality. For easy supply and cost effective solutions we have alliance with all the major IT Brands available in the market.

Activity Supplies

We also have a alliance with Activity / Toys Manufacturers to give the best products suitable for schools with its best quality.

Furniture for Schools

We can also provide you with the best of furniture for your school which suits your budget.